About Industry Experts

Do you have a more in-depth knowledge of a particular type of business?

This knowledge may have come from owning that type of business, from working in that industry, or through transaction experience with that type of business. Regardless of the source, your knowledge could qualify you to become a BBP Industry Expert.

Your Specialty Experience + Completion of a Brief Questionnaire = Great Benefits

Our Industry Expert program allows you to share your expertise in such a way that benefits brokers across the nation and around the world, while also offering you valuable benefits that increase your visibility to potential clients and referral sources.

As a BBP Industry Expert, you will enjoy increased visibility by potential clients and referral sources through the following:

  • Recognition by Business Brokerage Press as an Industry Expert through inclusion of your name, company name, and contact information in our Industry Expert section in the next Business Reference Guide, on our website under Industry Experts, and on BRG Online.
  • A BBP Industry Expert logo for you to use on your printed material or in any other way that will benefit you and your business. This is a great way to quickly let current and potential clients know you are a recognized industry expert.

There is no charge to participate. Just complete the registration form to become a member of the Industry Expert Program. As an Industry Expert, you will complete a brief questionnaire to help us learn more about your industry. (The questionnaire responses assist us in providing industry-specific information in our Business Reference Guide, available in both a print and online version.). Afterwards we will approve your questionnaire to become an Industry Expert!

Do you have in-depth knowledge of a specific industry?