Industry Expert Categories

Keith Borglum CHBC, CBB

Professional Management and Marketing
Categories: Chiropractic Practices, Medical Practices, Physical Therapy, Podiatrists
Work 3468 Piner Road Santa Rosa CA 95401-3954
Work Phone: (707) 546-4433 Work Fax: (707) 546-4437 Website:

Robert James Cimasi MHA, ASA, FRICS, MCBA, CVA, CM&AA,

Chief Executive Officer
Health Capital Consultants, LLC
Categories: Ambulance Services, Assisted Living Facilities, Blood and Organ Banks, Chiropractic Practices, Dental Practices, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Dialysis Centers, Disability -- Services for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities, Disability Facilities -- Residential Intellectual and Development, Family Planning Centers, Health Practitioners -- Offices of Miscellaneous Others, Home Health Care -- Care-Giving, Hospitals -- Medical and Surgical, Hospitals -- Medical and Surgical (Non-Profit), Hospitals -- Psychiatric and Substance Abuse, Hospitals -- Specialty, Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories, Medical Practices, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers (Outpatient), Mental Health Physicians, Mental Health Practitioners (Except Physicians), Nursing -- Skilled Nursing Facilities, Optometry Practices, Outpatient Care Centers (Other), Podiatrists, Residential Care -- Other Facilities, Retirement Communities -- Continuing Care, Surgical and Emergency Centers -- Ambulatory (Free-Standing), Therapists -- Offices of Occupational, Physical, Speech and Audiologists
Work 2127 Innerbelt Business Center Drive Suite 107 St. Louis MO 63114-5700
Work Phone: 314-994-7641 Work Fax: 314-991-3435 Website:

Don Schwaderer

Professional Practice Acquisitions
Categories: Optometry Practices, Podiatrists, Veterinary Practices
Work 1338 Wren Lane Powell OH 43065
Work Phone: 614-888-7616 Work Fax: 614-888-7693 Website: